Issue 3 Update

Hi folks!

Slightly chaotic summer update from UTSBO HQ! Submissions are now open for the Issue 3 of Until the Stars Burn Out. The submission window is from July 1st 2019 to August 31st 2019 for our autumn issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the email address for submissions has changed. Please email your poems (in keeping with submission guidelines) to editor.untilthestarsburnout at Please take care in copying this address as it’s easy to get wrong.

The reason for this — along with general website and past issue difficulties — is that I have to switch servers because of a funding shortfall. There are currently adverts all over the website and past issues, but it was a choice between that or briefly closing.

This is a short-term measure as we move to our shiny new forever home. I’m migrating websites part-time in between other jobs, and it’s been a little slow. I have always wanted Until the Stars Burn Out to be both free for anyone who wants to read it, and also be free of adverts. This should go back to being the case after the summer switchover.

Over the summer, I am going to be putting up a series of provocations, ideas and prompts relating to themes around astronomy and poetry. You are under no obligation to use these for your submissions, nor to send me your work if you do use them! More than anything, I just wanted to create a starting point to allow us to think about the relationship between science and literature in a slightly different way. This might not work!

We hope you all have a brilliant summer, and enjoy the long evenings! Clear skies,

Maya H,

Editor, UTSBO


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